A person never truly gets 'over' a loss. You get through it. Day by Day. Sometimes its moment by moment. You survive, you exist.

About us..

Adam’s Rose charity is dedicated to supporting Spouses, Parents and Siblings who are experiencing grief.  We know that when true grief takes its hold, there is nothing that can stop it, however knowing that you aren’t alone, have a community of supportive people around you who have been or are going through similar daily struggles and even just having a distraction from the grief that is suffocating you can be more valuable than anything in the world.

Adam’s rose receives referrals from both local authorities including the NHS and funeral homes and directly either from someone who is bereaved or a family or friend who has referred them as they think they could do with a helping hand.  Currently supporting those in Godmanchester, Brampton, Buckden, and St Neots we hope to soon expand the geographical region we cover to support and help more and more people suffering from grief.

When we receive a referral at Adam’s Rose the first thing we do is act quickly to ensure that each and every person referred* knows that they are not alone.  Within 48 hours of referral, they will receive their “Welcome to grief” pack in the post.  Within this pack is their Adam’s Rose Grief Journal – an interactive and informative journal created by trained bereavement Psychotherapists, Adam’s wife and best friends and our amazing illustrator. The journal will take them through the first few days and weeks including the feelings they can expect to experience, guidance and help, a place to express themselves including areas for free writing / drawing and words of reassurance and support.  Along with the grief journals we provide Adam’s rose colouring pencils, pens and everything you may need along with some other gifts you can keep close .

The bespoke Adam’s Rose journeys continue throughout the first 12 months to offer support during times when the storm can be overwhelming through a year of 1sts  including “Their Birthday”, “Your birthday”, “Valentines day”, “Anniversary, Christmas”

In addition to the supportive packs which are all sent via Royal Mail postage, Adam’s Rose aims to create a community.  Nothing can take away the pain and unbearable sorrow of losing someone so special but knowing there are people who have experienced grief and are going through similar experiences and feelings can be the difference between what gets you through a day and what doesn’t.

Our charity holds quarterly events for it’s members throughout their first 12 months which are all tailor made and bespoke. Some events involve funded day trips to celebrate the life of their loved one and pay tribute to their memory, others are events with speakers who have suffered grief and can offer words of inspiration and hope when it feels like there isn’t any. These events are an opportunity not only to feel support or some hope on the day, but are the amazing way that our Adam’s Rose communities are built.  Each group we work with form special bonds with each other and friendships / support groups that will last a lifetime.

As well as the events you will find our Members only forum which is a platform for those grieving to post, express and ask questions to fellow members and those who are suffering from grief also.  It can be an incredible platform for support in moments of despair and even though it doesn’t feel like it at first, for members to start sharing their experiences and feelings with those who join and are new to grief.

All of this is only possible through the amazing fundraising days we hold in memory of our amazing Adam Hurst.  Please check out our fundraising page for upcoming news, events and ways you can help in raising money for Adam’s Rose.

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